Our Story

We met as employees but left as business partners...

After another one of "those days" in our 9-5, three colleagues and friends had a 'change your life' moment. We had talked about it at many pub lunches over the seven years we had worked together but today was different.

Today we all decided we would go for it!

We knew we could make a difference to the payment solution space. We wanted to be honest, ethical and socially responsible...things that seemed to be lacking within the industry. We wanted to create a company who would work for both the business and the consumer. A fintech who provided intelligent IT that would simplify complex processes.

And so Fintellity was created.

A bit of history

With over 20 years experience working in FCA regulated e-money payment institutions based in Cambridge (UK), we have specialised in high-risk sectors across Europe and the US. Experienced in designing, building, and running highly available, highly secure, cloud-based financial products, including pre-paid cards system, and card issuing and acquiring platforms.

In 2013 we were hired as the Tech Senior Leadership Team for a young start-up company providing alternative payment methods. We were responsible for recruiting teams, implementing processes, and leading product delivery. Key achievements in that business included building an automated split settlement system, launching virtual prepaid cards for Europe and the US, the re-engineering of 2 server-based, non-scalable, uncompliant legacy platforms, to fully scalable, automated, cloud hosted systems within a 6-month timeframe including achieving Level 1 PCI DSS compliancy, which ultimately resulted in the company being acquired by a private equity firm for £40million.

In 2017 we lead the merger and IT Transformation for a scale-up company that brought together two product delivery teams, with two different tech stacks (dot net & Java) and contrasting ways of working. Here we were responsible for restructuring teams, streamlining processes, implementing Agile practices, re-engineering the platform, and launching new products.

We have recruited teams, built and launched products, enjoyed some awesome Christmas parties, celebrated weddings, babies, and everything else in between. We play to our strengths and bring out the best of each other. We know what we can achieve together, and our friendship led us to become Co-Founders, which is why we’ve decided to build something amazing ourselves...in our own way.

Meet Fintellity

Working in partnership

Fintellity works with a range of organisations and charities to provide the best service for our customers whilst maintaining our affordability ethos. From delivering services, to learning and tackling problems together, the relationships we form are an important part of our business.

We are currently working with the following teams to ensure our products have the customers safety and wellbeing in mind through all stages of development:

Gordon Moody provide advice, education and support to problem gamblers and those affected by gambling related harm, through residential, online and outreach services.

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If you would like to work alongside or in partnership with us, please contact us to get in touch.

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