Our Products

The essence of Fintellity is summed up in our name by combining Finance, Intelligence and IT.

We use smart technology so that products and services can be applied for without the worry of fraud or people getting into debt. We help keep businesses on the right side of the regulators whilst providing their customers a seamless and enjoyable experience.

You decide which of our service(s) your business needs, and Fintellity will deliver it in one API integration.

The What

Through one simple API integration, Fintellity sits seamlessly in the background of your business application and registration forms to provide you with all the data you need to be able to make a decision on whether your customer...

is who they say they are!

With Realtime AML checks and no documentation needed, we can provide you with instant results

can afford payments for your product!

With consent from your customer to share their data, we provide affordability data direct from their bank account without leaving a footprint on their credit report!

would like to pay you immediately!

With confirmation from your customer, we can move payment directly to your bank account using Faster Payments

The Why

We are here to help your business grow, while helping you protect your customers

The How

By using our services, we can help make your business run smoother and faster with reduced risk

We save your business time and money by automating painful, document heavy processes

We establish exactly who it is that wants to buy your product or service, so the risk of fraudsters is significantly reduced

We make sure your customer can afford their payments, which are faster with fewer costs

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