The essence of Fintellity is summed up in our name by combining Finance, Intelligence and IT.

We use smart technology so that products and services can be applied for without the worry of fraud or people getting into debt. We help businesses work smarter and stay on the right side of the regulators whilst providing their customers a seamless and enjoyable experience.
And we do all this without impacting on your freedom as a business, or your customers freedom to choose.

You decide which of our service(s) your business needs, and Fintellity will deliver it quickly and without disruption!

Our Products

Fintellity offer solutions to suit all your business needs.

API driven AML checks, Affordability profiling, and instant bank to bank Payments; Flat rate fee QR payments, and a Portal for visibility of all your business transactions. And for your customers, a Money Management app so they can keep track of their spending habits and budget accordingly.

API driven solutions

With one simple API integration, you get access to:

  • Fully compliant, realtime and document free AML checks
  • Unique Affordability profile data that does not leave a footprint on a customers credit report
  • Instant validation of funds and payments moved directly from a customers bank account to yours within minutes

QR code payments

QR Code payments are an Alternative Payment Method to card processing. By using Open Banking rails with Faster Payments (FPS) to process bank transfers from Consumers to Merchants, the benefits include:

  • instant settlement
  • no chargebacks
  • reduced fraud levels
  • ultimately resulting in easier reconciliation

Money Management App

Disposable income is at the forefront of User spending and having this data in one place enables consumers to budget and spend within their means, preventing debt and ultimately resulting in a better Financial Profile. Consumers can access our Money Management App and view their profile data:

  • Total income
  • Total outgoings
  • Disposable Income
  • Recommended budget

Merchant Portal

Within the Portal, Merchants can view and query transaction history, filter and search based on specific transaction properties, and manage the status of each transaction type.

Reports can be run and exported, which can help with reconciliation purposes.

Merchants who have signed up for the QR code solution, will have access to the QR functionality to generate and run payments.

Fast, Simple, Secure

Fully Compliant AML checks

We verify your customers are exactly who they say they are using a fully compliant AML solution to significantly reduce your fraud levels. With no documentation needed, we provide a fast, seamless and friction free process.

Realtime Affordability checks

Using verified bank data and our unique affordability algorithm, we provide you with the insight to make better financial decisions and help to improve your customers spending habits. Our checks will not leave a footprint on the customers credit report while access to our Money Management app allows them to track their spending and help maintain a positive financial behaviour.

Instant account to account payments

Minimise fraud, zero chargebacks, and a big saving in card processor fees.
Add in multiple payment options all in only one simple API integration.

What's not to love!

Protecting your business and your customers

We are here to help your business thrive, while helping you to keep your customers safe from financial harm.


We are authorised & regulated by the FCA for Payments and Data services, and are a member of the Open Banking directory providing us with full UK & EU bank coverage.

So you can be sure that you are safe in our hands.

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