Culture & Wellbeing

Our mission is simple. We are here to make lives easier!

We employ passionate experts in their field because we want to hear their voices! There is no such thing as a crazy idea or a stupid question.

We provide equal opportunities and support career progression for all. There are no glass ceilings here and all ambitious employees will be nurtured to achieve the best of their abilities.

We also understand the necessity for a good work/life balance. Recent times have made it even more clear how important this is. So at Fintellity we work hard to make it possible.

We are building a diverse talent pool to support our growth and work hard to attract (and keep!) the best talent in their fields. Responsible growth means we are always looking ahead of the demands of our industry. We approach this by building partnerships with educational institutions, regulators, policy makers and key players in our customer base to ensure that we are providing the best solutions and service we can.

We care!

At Fintellity we take sustainability seriously and are proud to be making a positive impact. We believe helping businesses grow does not need to harm the customer or environment.

Economic: By helping to reduce financial harm, we are positively impacting the individual, the community and the economy.

Environmental: Within our office space, we aim to reduce our carbon footprint and run a zero-waste initiative. By using our product suite, we can help to reduce the need for paper documents, credit and debit cards.

Social: Our culture relies heavily on respect, treating all our Fintellity family fairly, and investing heavily in their growth, whether that is upskilling, personal development, or giving back to our partner charities.

Our Promise

At Fintellity we take ethics seriously, which is why we promise to:


We will make annual donations to our partner charities that deal with gambling- related harm for Research, Prevention & Treatment (RET).


We will give back to our local communities.

All staff are encouraged to take one paid day off, to complete a volunteering project for one of our partner charities.


We will raise money for charities related to debt and mental health.

All staff are invited to take part in Pledge Challenges.

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If you would like to understand more about how Fintellity can help your business, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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