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Telling you about your Finances

Disposable income is at the forefront of user spending and having this data in one place enables consumers to budget and spend within their means, preventing debt and ultimately resulting in a better financial profile. TELLI helps to correct unaffordable debt by providing:

  • Inclusive access
  • Financial profile to show:
    • Total income
    • Total outgoings
    • Realtime Disposable Income
    • Updated recommended spending budget
  • Spending activity
  • Support services for finances and mental wellbeing
  • Tailored rewards for improving financial health

To find out more, take a look at TELLI.

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Available on the Apple store soon!

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QR Code Payments

Netting your payments

QR Code payments are an Alternative Payment Method to card processing using Open Banking rails with Faster Payments (FPS) to process direct bank transfers from Consumers to Merchants. Whether yours is an independent business, growing franchise, service provider, or a side hustle via the TELLI app, the benefits include:

  • low, fixed rate transaction price
  • cost saving
  • instant payment & settlement
  • no chargebacks
  • reduced fraud levels
  • no hardware costs
  • no card processing fees
  • ultimately resulting in easier reconciliation

  • To find out more, take a look at NETTI.

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    FINITI Payments Solution

    Scaling your funds with I.T & Preventing unaffordable debt

    One API integration provides all three solutions.

    • Payments
    • Affordability
    • Know Your Customer (KYC)

    Instant bank to bank payments help to minimise fraud, have zero chargebacks, and remove the need for hefty card processor fees. Purchases are linked to the consumers TELLI app account so they can keep on top of their spending.

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    FINITI Affordability Profile

    Scaling your funds with I.T & Preventing unaffordable debt

    One API integration provides all three solutions.

    • Payments
    • Affordability
    • Know Your Customer (KYC)

    With no footprint left on the consumers credit report, our Affordability profile provides accurate and verified data using our unique algorithm to help the consumer make better financial decisions and stay in control of their finances via the TELLI app.

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    FINITI Know Your Customer (KYC) checks

    Scaling your funds with I.T & Preventing unaffordable debt

    One API integration provides all three solutions.

    • Payments
    • Affordability
    • Know Your Customer (KYC)

    Our fast, seamless and friction free AML solution will help you to verify customer identity in seconds without the need for any documentation. Fully compliant, this solution reduces the risk of fraud to business and allows the consumer visibility of their applications via the TELLI app.

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    The Portal

    Within the Portal, Merchants can view and query transaction history, filter and search based on specific transaction properties, and manage the status of each transaction type.

    Reports can be run and exported, which can help with reconciliation purposes.

    Small Businesses

    Remove the need for card networks, hardware, delays in invoice payments, and eliminate chargeback fees! Using our direct bank to bank or our QR Code payment method means you can get your funds instantly in a friction-free customer journey with all transaction data visible in the TELLI app.

    WealthTech & HealthTech

    Using our unique Affordability algorithm and data direct from the customers bank account, we provide a fast and accurate check. We verify the account and transfer funds immediately for a quick, friction-free experience. And the customer can see all their linked data via our TELLI app for complete visibility.


    Our compliant and regulated affordability and KYC checks provide you with the knowledge that you are safe in our hands. Direct bank to bank payments save money on costly card fees and means that funds can be instantly accessed, so your customers can stay in the game.


    One simple integration to our product suite will provide you with the tools you need to remove chargebacks and minimise fraud. Our fixed rate fees for all transactions are guaranteed to be cheaper than card processing. Consumers are able to see the progress of their application in our app.

    Credit & Lending

    Using our product suite, we provide you with instant credit checks. No more waiting on slow, labour intensive processes. We provide you with verified financial data in real time so that you can make an instant informed decision on your customers acceptability, and your customers can keep on top of their applications via the TELLI app.


    We provide you with verified financial data in real time to make tenant referencing a quick and painless process. Slow decision making can be a thing of the past, and with deposits and rent being made instantly through bank to bank transfers, keys can be handed over to happy homemakers in no time.

    Our Products

    Our Products

    Products and solutions to help businesses and consumers make the most out of their finances

    Welcome to Fintellity

    Preventing & Correcting unaffordable debt

    Fintellity is tackling the cost-of-living crisis with our enriched inclusive ecosystem providing the tools for businesses and consumers to prevent and correct unaffordable debt. We are a team with over 30 years experience working in FCA regulated payment institutions. We are an intelligent, honest, ethical and socially responsible tech team working for both the business and the consumer, on a mission to make financial knowledge and management accessible and inclusive for everyone.

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    About Us

    Our leadership team

    With over 30 years experience working together in FCA regulated e-money payment institutions based in Cambridge (UK), we have specialised in high-risk sectors across Europe and the US. Experienced in designing, building, and running highly available, highly secure, cloud-based financial products, including pre-paid cards system, and card issuing and acquiring platforms.

    Shardai Cosgrove

    CEO, Founder

    Suzi Jones

    COO, Founder

    Matt Johnson

    CTO, Founder


    We are here to make lives easier, and that starts with our team. Creating the right work - life balance is hugely important to us and we work very hard to make sure our team is happy.


    Press & Blogs

    Keeping you up to date with our latest blogs, Fintellity in the press and any relevant fintech news.

    2022 September

    Fintellity are selected for the Tech Nation Libra 2.0 cohort

    We are thrilled to be working with Tech Nation for a second time. This time as part of their Libra 2.0 Accelerator programme. We are excited to have the opportunity to learn from our peers and scale our business.

    2022 August

    Fintellity Features...Part 6: Side Hustles

    In this blog we will look what the hype is all about and whether it’s something you should consider trying.

    2022 July

    Fintellity are selected for Barclays Accelerator Programme

    We are delighted to have been selected for this year’s Barclays Black Founder Accelerator Programme. This 12-week programme has been designed to help Black founder-led businesses accelerate and grow. We are excited about our future as we continue to advance and expand.

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    Current opportunities

    All positions are currently filled, but we would love to hear from you if you are interested in joining our mission in the future.

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    Fintellity works with a range of organisations and charities to provide the best service for our customers whilst maintaining our affordability ethos. From delivering services, to learning and tackling problems together, the relationships we form are an important part of our business.

    We are currently working with the following teams to ensure our products have the customers safety and wellbeing in mind through all stages of development:


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